Keep the Ramadan Spirit Alive

What’s the best way to keep the Ramadan spirit alive once Ramadan is finished?

We often see people who act differently in Ramadan as they do outside of Ramadan. In Ramadan they’ve prayed Fajr, read some Quran, conducted themselves always with the mentality that I am fasting and hence they’ve remained patience, humble and steadfast, which is good

But why doesn’t this behaviour continue after Ramadan? Isn’t praying Fajr, as an example, important throughout the year? 

Isn’t reading the Quran important throughout the year?

In Ramadan our batteries are recharged, we feel a connection to Allah (swt) and I believe we all have the sincere intention to act in the right way, with the right mentality. To continue this after Ramadan is the challenge, and that’s what I want to focus on today.

There are many lessons, suggestions on how to behave during Ramadan but what about when Ramadan is over? What then?

So how can we do this?

The Prophet (pbuh) used to fast on Monday’s and Thursdays. That is one of the great Sunnahs he left us and this is something we can easily do. Fasting gives you the right balance, and will help you keep the Ramadan spirit alive. It’s also not a big deal. You’ve just fasted 30 consecutive days, and you’ve lived… you’re fine, fasting twice a week, or even once a week is very very achievable. It will also help you maintain that state of mind you had in Ramadan. It keeps you pure, it’s your shield. It really is your shield against evil.

Next, reading the Quran. I remember when I was young, and I used to go to a local mosque where robotically I sat reading the Quran in such speed, in a language I didn’t understand. In those days it meant more to actually finish the Quran in a week, than to actually understand and apply it.

Now I read the Quran in Tafsir by Ibn Kathir. Every single verse has commentary and explanation. I spent time reading each page, it’s not a race anymore. It’s a matter of understanding. Even the smallest deeds, if done regularly can earn you great rewards.

So can you all read just 1 page of Quran a day? Is it that hard to spend 10 mins of your time each day to read Quran in a language you can understand? I am sure, if you read 1 page, you’ll end up reading 2, and if you read 2, you may even read 10, but it’s about doing it consistently every day.

Don’t hide or decorate your Quran on the top shelf of your bookcase, put it in a place where you can see it and it’s a remainder for you. 1 page a day every day is very easy, and we can all do this.

So ask yourself, are you a better person during Ramadan or outside of Ramadan? Most people would say, they act the best during Ramadan, then wouldn’t you want to act the best throughout the year?

So let’s make a deal right now. Between ourselves and Allah (swt) And this deal is non negotiable.

We all make this deal with sincere intentions but also actions to back them up with.

Let’s act the way we acted in the last 30 days, throughout the year. Let’s not be Ramadan 

Muslims or even Eid Muslims.

Let’s simply be Muslims. 24/7

That’s real faith.

by Omar


Imam Al-Banna berkata tentang tsabat:

“Hendaknya seorang akh. Menjadi orang yang aktif dan selalu berjuang di jalan menuju Nya; sekalipun masa yang ditempuh masih panjang hingga bertahun-tahun dan berabad-abad lamanya; sehingga dirinya berjumpa dengan Allah dalam kondisi demikian sedangkan ia mendapatkan keberuntungan pada salah satu dari dua kebaikan; mencapai tujuan yang diinginkan atau mendapat syahadah hingga akhir.

Allah berfirman: “Di antara orang-orang mukmin itu ada orang-orang yang menepati apa yang telah mereka janjikan kepada Allah; Maka di antara mereka ada yang gugur. dan di antara mereka ada (pula) yang menunggu- nunggu dan mereka tidak merubah (janjinya)”. (Al-Ahzab:23)

Menurut kita, waktu ini akan sentiasa berjalan, walaupn jalan sangat panjang, kejayaan masih jauh dan banyak rintangan menghadang, namun intinya adalah bagaimana kita dapat menuju satu tujuan disertai dengan ganjaran yang besar dan pahala yang berlipat ganda dari ALLAH, maka tidak ada kata henti dari PERJUANGAN ayuh terus kita merobohkan benmteng kezaliman”.